This is the Enemy:

induces diabetes
The Enemy is not a purple dinosaur. The Enemy drains the life forces from the unwary, leaving behind lifeless husks. The Enemy is concerned with selling itself. It has turned PBS into a Merchandise Mart, and cleverly insinuated its cheesy products into the most treacly web sites (note the lower right-hand corner of this one ).

It is known by many names. Some call it Satan. Some call it The Antichrist, although the site which promulgates this truth is mysteriously shrinking, and many of the links devoted to fighting the Enemy are mysteriously no longer valid. Candid pictures of the Enemy, without its familiar disguise, can be found here. (The image at the bottom of this page was taken from there.)

Many are participating in this noble struggle. The best source of background information is here. The Jihad To Destroy Barney has some useful things, but is principally a role-playing game: the kitschification of a noble cause, perhaps indicative of Enemy activity. For a morale-boosting exercise, go here. Many tasty tips for preparing the Enemy can be found in the Barney Cookbook, here. Sound and movie files and a couple of excellent pictures can be found here.

The way home lies through the Enemy
The Enemy is dangerous!
Do not take it lightly!
The Enemy as Bill Gates