Evil exists. Not the mere absence of good, nor a vague, formless dread, but a real, palpable thing. It manifests itself in death and disease, suffering and despair. Satanists and gothic bands are not evil. They are merely kitsch. Kitsch is not itself evil, but kitsch without irony can point to evil, as indicated by the kitschy tastes of a Hitler or a Pol Pot or a Bill Gates.
I believe absolutely that evil is the product of a single, controlling malevolent force, and that this force can be checked, countered, and perhaps someday even defeated, by the combined action of people of goodwill. But this is not a job to be undertaken lightly or halfheartedly, for evil consumes all who treat it lightly. Therefore, if you are willing to confront the source of all evil, click here. The merely curious should go back.