Warung Seniman

recipes from the kitchen of Bp. Wakidi Dwijamartono

annotated by K. Emerson

In 1994, when Bp. Wakadi moved from Solo to Jakarta, he began to experiment in the kitchen. Over the next five years a wide range of culinary talents was revealed. We would often joke, in those years of “krismon” (monetary crisis) and dwindling work for gamelan musicians, of the possibility of opening up “Warung Seniman.” Since the warung never came to pass, here it is on the web for you to explore.

Monggo dhahar, sakwontenipun....

Wakidi Dwijamartono
K. Emerson
Solo, 1999

[En-webbed, and American notes and ingredients added by Stuart Frankel;
New York, 2006]