A word about “Yang ada kuah”

The dishes in this section shouldn't really be thought of as soups. Rather they are dishes in which the vegetables are cooked in broth just to add flavor to them. When eaten, the vegetables are usually spooned out onto rice. A small amount of the broth might be added, but these aren't considered soups in the Western sense. Only in the case of soto ayam do Javanese sometimes do the opposite—spoon the rice into the soto—but again it's a matter of individual taste.

All the dishes in this section are considered good for people with colds and the flu.

In general, Solonese love these dishes. In the words of a friend after eating at an expensive Indian retaurant in Jakarta, “Saya pilih yang sederhana saja—yang ada kuah saja” [I prefer just something simple—just something with broth].